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Since its opening in 1994 JSC „Dolena“ fastly grew and turned into an international company. Its products are valued and recognized in Lithuania as well as abroad. Our main activity is production of prefabricated timber houses. Today more than 300 various timber framet and log buildings have been assembled in different European countries.

The main advantage of our products is that all constructions are prefabricated in the factory. This gives an advantage to our customers of fast assembing process onsite. Assmenbling process can be easely carried by the builder who has a general knowledge about civil constructions.We strive not only to cherish the traditions of timber house building, but also to adopt the know-how and experiences of foreign building companies. We export timber houses that adhere to the quality standards and the building heritage of the particular country. We have accumulated vast knowledge of this longevous craft and adapted it to the needs of our clients: our timber houses are distinguished for the variety of their designs and purposes.

What makes us special?

Bringing your ideas to life

Dolena is the birthplace of original log and timber frame houses. Although we have been building log and timber-framed houses for many years, each one is different. We won’t give you blueprints and we won’t force you to choose from pre-made designs. Come and tell us what you want your timber house to be – we will listen, advise and make it happen.

We produce eco-friendly wooden houses

A wooden house is an investment in a safe living environment. When we build log houses or timber-framed buildings, we only use materials that allow the positive qualities of wood to fully emerge and do not harm nature.

You can rely on us

The success of our business is based on mutual trust. JSC “Dolena” has been building log houses for more than fifteen years. Most of our products are sold abroad – only 10% of our wooden houses stay in Lithuania. To compete in the Western European market, we must not only strictly comply with the requirements of each country, but also outperform our local competitors in the quality and service of the houses we build. When we build your wooden house, we use the experience, knowledge and skills we have gained on the international market to create a top quality product.

Satisfied owners of a wooden house are the best advertisement for us!

Our team


Do you want to work with us to improve, develop and advance your career? Send us an email and we’ll make you a job offer straight away. We’ll take care of everything that’s important to you, including interesting work, reliable transport, professional equipment and good working conditions along with a competitive salary.

Currently looking for

- production manager (wooden doors and windows)
- timber structures assembly manager (wooden log houses, timber frame element houses)

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We are constantly evolving and working to ensure the highest quality, which is why we appreciate the trust expressed by Lithuanian and foreign experts.